Char-grilled Spatchcock

Published: 15 Jul 2021
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With lemon, thyme and honey

Marinades and barbecues are a match made in cooking heaven. Here is an impressive looking dish on the grill, to inspire you to fire things up it’s a great choice when entertaining! This simple-to-make recipe by Alain James Grech of Chef’s Table won’t take much time and adds a flavour to your summer table that is truly unique!

Serves 4


1 small chicken
4 springs lemon thyme
30g honey
30ml olive oil

Seasoning to taste
Grilled seasonal vegetables as a side dish


Spatchcock the chicken or ask the butcher to do it for you. Mix together the lemon thyme, olive oil, honey and seasoning and then rub the chicken all over with it. Leave for at least half an hour. Heat the barbecue, then grill the chicken for five minutes on each side (start on the topside for a great grilled look). Allow to rest for five minutes – this will ensure a juicy chicken. Serve with grilled vegetables and a mayo-based potato salad.

Georges’ Favourite

Wine Pairing

Whether white or red, wines fit for barbecue fare need to be versatile. Here are two favourites that go well.
If you long for red, it’s best to opt for unoaked, deeply fruity wines that are neither too alcoholic nor overtly tannic when grilling. This ultra-local red wine handles grilled poultry well and – surely an added bonus – it can be served slightly chilled. This medium-bodied red made from rare, native Gellewza grapes is great value, brimming with vibrant moreish red and black fruit flavours and grippy yet pleasant tannins.
Sea breezes, dusty gusts and the merest whiff of smoke from the grill will waft away most wines’ delicate bouquet. But this Chardonnay has what it takes to stand up to the fire and it complements the lemon, thyme and honey flavoured chicken. It’s great as an aperitif and has enough forward fruitiness so that it can be enjoyed throughout the entire meal. Serve chilled and generously.