Not everyone would want to live in such a completely white space but Rodianne Cassar loves her apartment absolutely. She has even given it a name – Elle. ‘I’ve lived in beautiful homes but nothing compares to this one,’ she says. ‘Elle is a reflection of who I am. I believe in ‘less is more` and lack of clutter in life in general. I wanted a relaxed and elegant atmosphere in every room of the house, with only what I needed and what added to the peaceful vibe of the house. There`s just something about minimal spaces that I`m instinctively drawn to. I find the simplistic beauty of a minimalist space mesmerizing.’
ME Architects created the apartment. Built new above an existing building in Gudja, they had the luxury of a completely blank canvas. ‘Beyond the brief, we were given a free hand,’ says architect Karl Ebejer. ‘And, unusually, we were able to stay with the original concept all the way through which was a refreshing change.’
The central double height space was key to the plan, creating a real sense of space, with significant slits for skylights for light and allowing Rodianne to see the sky. The two polished concrete floors are connected by a concrete, cantilevered staircase which was extremely challenging to install, the architects having to work with a 23cm party wall. ‘We considered options such as glass as a balustrade but we disregarded them because it took away from the purity of the space,’ says Karl.
The living room makes the most of the view with floor-to-ceiling windows and a large terrace; colour is absent here, too, the only touches coming from bottles in the built-in bar along one wall. Upstairs is the one bedroom, open to the rest of the apartment, with privacy given by the curtains which draw across.
Rodianne, a marketing manager, loves her apartment so much that she finds it hard to leave. ‘When I can, I opt to stay in instead ofgoing out,’ she says. ‘The large windows and skylights make it very bright and airy and that makes me feel more vibrant and happier. I never thought a home could affect your mood so much. I simply love this house and adore living in it! ‘Elle’ is my sanctuary; the place to escape and unwind.’