Sierra Leone, signed, numbered (93/100) lithograph from Norman Foster of Foster + Partners

A signed, numbered (93/100) lithograph, which depicts three school buildings in Sierra Leone, in front of which figures walk and play in a wide field


Sala da Bagno nel Giardino di una Casa in Puglia by Gaetano Pesce

The Italian maestro's original, double-sided pencil drawing, signed and dated 2020


The Abrahamic Family House gold leaf lithograph by Sir David Adjaye

The renowned British architect's signed, limited edition gold leaf lithograph depicts his new design for The Abrahamic Family House, an interfaith complex in Abu Dhabi that will contain a church, mosque and synagogue to encourage 'peaceful co-existence and acceptance' of the three Abrahamic faiths—Christianity, Islam and Judaism—in the UAE's capital city


Stan Allen LB Site Axonometric Digital Print

The American architect and former Dean of the School of Architecture at Princeton's signed, digital print from his project Site Axonometric (2013), a house and studio for a working artist in the Hudson River Valley of New York

Architects donate art for charity

Published: 06 Nov 2020
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Architects for Beirut is your chance to get your hands on limited edition artwork and drawings contributed by more than 60 international architecture firms.

The sale, being hosted virtually, aims to raise funds to rebuild Beirut after the enormous explosion that rocked the city in August, causing at least 300,000 people to be left homeless.

Among the items for sale include a lithograph by Sir Adjaye rendered in 24-carat gold leaf and a Norman Foster School signed lithograph (another from this limited edition series was presented to Queen Elizabeth II as part of the Diamond Jubilee Gift from the Members of the Royal Academy of Arts in November 2012) .

The proceeds will go to Beirut Urban Lab which aims to help rebuild crucial infrastructure such as hospitals and emergency accommodation for the thousands who need it, along with gardens, libraries and other significant community spaces.

‘Even before the explosion, the country was going through an economic and financial crisis that paralysed the banking system and the government’s capabilities to deal with the aftermath of the blast,’ said Makram el Kadi of New York architecture firm LEFT, which organised the auction in collaboration with the dean of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture Amale Andraos. ‘This was made even worse with the outbreak of Covid 19. And mistrust in the government’s ability to secure foreign aid – let alone manage it – led to a plethora of small local and international NGOs filling that void.’

The sale continues throughout November. Click here to see, and buy, the artworks.