COCO-LAT – A new eco-friendly mattress by FORM

Published: 17 Nov 2020
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Sustainability and the use of natural materials are high on today’s design agenda with designers and brands constantly looking to create products that are better for the environment

Furniture retailer FORM has made these twin ecological issues a focus for the products they source but also manufacture, by developing a process that combines natural plant fibres with the strength of natural latex to create the Coco-lat mattress.

Specifically, the mattress is made from a combination of coconut fibre and other natural materials such as sisal or seagrass, with layers of 100 percent natural latex foam produced from the sap of the rubber tree.

‘Together this creates a mattress that boasts superior ventilation which is so important during sleep, especially in our humid Mediterranean climate, and it also acts as a barrier against condensation,’
says FORM’s Julian Galea.

The mattress, which has just been launched at FORM’s Bed Boutique, is 100 percent recyclable so when it’s life (15 years plus) is over, it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Also available at the Bed Boutique is another new environmentally-friendly line – the award-winning Ocean Protect range of duvet and pillows by Spanish brand, Mash.

Plastic is one of the most environmentally devastating materials – each year, a person uses an average of 84 kilograms of plastic and of this, only 30 percent is recycled; eight million tonnes of plastic make its way into the ocean annually.

To help reduce plastic consumption, Mash has created Ocean Protect, an innovative range of pillows and duvets in which the textile used to make the bedding is made from 100 percent plastic collected on beaches and from the sea, and then recycled.

The material provides the same comfort and thermal capacity as non-recycled fabric, provides improved air circulation and is soft and pleasant to the touch.

And, of course, it’s also good for the planet.