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Published: 04 Aug 2021
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CUF Milano launch at Supersalone by Salone del Mobile Milano

From 5 to 10 September, in Fiera Milano-Rho PAV 03 – LANE F26

Human beings are biologically predisposed to seek contact with nature. The famous biologist Edward O. Wilson defines it as an “innate tendency to focus on life and vital processes”. Being surrounded by an environment rich in vegetation provides well-being and positivity, also helping concentration and affecting learning abilities.

Starting from this assumption, CUF Milano will debut at the supersalone by Salone del Mobile. Milano in September, presenting a workspace assisted by ecology, where nature not only helps workers reduce stress, but is exploited above all as a powerful ally for air quality control. Botanical elements are coupled with the use of regenerated materials, underlining the importance that the Milanese brand gives to environmental sustainability and the concept of circular economy.

For several years, the design brand owned by Centrufficio S.p.A. has been committed to a more sustainable future, adopting virtuous behaviors and directing its research towards the recovery of consumer materials, doing in-house research, but also forging partnerships with companies or startups that are already working on it.

This is the case of the collaboration with architect Matteo Silverio and the two startups Krill Design and Vitesy, formed in response to Call4Solutions, which was launched by the Open Innovation HiHack program (a founding initiative of the DesignTech Hub at MIND) to create new synergies and quickly identify green office design solutions for a safe return to the workplace after Covid-19.

A partnership that has brought CUF Milano to combine new constructive devices linked to models of circular economy and environmental well-being, leading to the design of FUSION, the versatile office furniture system designed in 2018 by John Bennett and Sakura Adachi, already awarded for its innovative scope in allowing a variety of configurations for operational work, but also for meetings and short breaks in more relaxing and friendly atmospheres. It is also perfect in residential and less institutional settings.

This is the starting point for the new version FUSION GREEN, a “green” reinterpretation of Fusion that includes the use of natural materials to limit harmful emissions, replacing the classic partition panels between the different workstations with large green walls, produced by Krill Design using bioplastic made from coffee waste. These walls, in addition to immersing the worker in a small “indoor jungle,” allow for air purification thanks to the Natede system developed by Vitesy.

Even the tubular end caps are produced from coffee waste. The worktops, shelves and storage units of FUSION GREEN are made, on the other hand, from multilayer panels covered in linoleum, a material of natural origin which is now disused, made of linseed oil, wood flour, hemp and color pigments calendered on natural jute fabrics.

FUSION GREEN will then be included in the DesignTech Hub, the innovation district for the Design sector, based at MIND Milano Innovation District.  DesignTech will begin operating in January 2022, and CUF Milano is one of its founding partners.