Lechuza Havalo Range of self-watering planters

Enjoy Your Summer Garden

Published: 03 Aug 2020
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Lechuza takes care of your plants

Lechuza is part of geobra Brandstätter based in Germany, the company that also manufactures the famous Playmobil figures. Since it was introduced on the market in 2000, Lechuza has established itself firmly in the manufacture of beautiful and functional planters made from 100% high-quality recyclable (post industrial) Playmobil material.

There is no better to relax but to be surrounded by nature, which is why Lechuza aims to create green oases in our homes, balconies or office space. Enjoy a lush, flourishing plant paradise: with the unique Lechuza sub-irrigation system, your plants can take care of themselves with all the water and nutrients they need for optimum growth for days and weeks at a time!

Top Left: Cilindro Range | Middle: Balconera Cottage Range | Top Right: Orchidea Range | Bottom: Trio Cottage Range

The many different shapes, sizes, surfaces, varnishes and possibilities for use in Lechuzas product range allow customers to make their living spaces greener indoors & out in creatively, individual and attractive ways.

The range has also been extended to include elegant and stylish garden furniture featuring a modern weave design. Weatherproof, easy to clean and with a table top made of safety glass or HPL.

The Lechuza range is available from authorised retailers and the Playmobil FunPark shop. For more information contact Playmobil Funpark Shop here: lechuza@playmobilmalta.com