Published: 13 Mar 2020
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“Floor One 9” is a creative exhibition showcasing the powerful relationship between contemporary art and design in the continent of Africa.

Curated by Caline Chagoury, the exhibition features a mix of artists, designers and artisans – totalling 19 in number – all linked to the African continent one way or another. Each brings about a knowledge of their cultural heritage, their home, and their experiences, translating it into art and design. From paintings to photography, to contemporary design pieces, Floor One 9 is a concentration of all that is enchanting about Africa and a call for its celebration while challenging the cultural dynamics of social identity.

The exhibition is a conclusion that identity is always layered, and beyond the surface is a deeper meaning to place, culture and self. It includes functional pieces from lightings, furniture and portraits. With the Floor One 9 exhibition, contemporary art and design are used to celebrate one another and create interiors that are captivating, highlighting Africa as multifaceted, plentiful and burgeoning with ideas and talents.