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The German Design Awards 2021

Published: 17 Nov 2020
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The prestigious German Design Awards have announced their winners for 2021 with the prizewinners to be honoured at an exhibition next February

This year there were over 4000 entries from 60 countries. Of these, 67 received the highest accolade of a  gold medal, along with 362 winners and 955 special mentions.

The awards, organised by the German Design Council, aim to celebrate and encourage pioneering design in three main areas – architecture, product design and communications design, all of which are divided into further categories including eco-design which was included for the first time.

The jury also decided upon its Personality of the Year – the award was given to Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in the Department of Architecture & Design. ‘Through her previous work, whether as a curator, editor or author, Paola Antonelli has made an extraordinary contribution to design being perceived by a broad audience as a diverse cultural asset – and therefore as part of both an individual and societal identity – rather than being reduced to just aesthetics and functionality,’ said Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, reciting the jury’s decision

These are some of the product gold medal winners :
Click’n Tile by Click’n Tile

Click’n Tile is a new Danish design product that allows you to be creative and change the look of your tiles whenever you want – without the help of a craftsman and without dust and noise – simply by clicking off and on an underplate that is permanently attached to the wall.  Click’n Tiles tiles are between four and ten times lighter than conventional tiles and omit less CO2 emissions.


Click’n Tile is based on a clever system with which tiles can not only be easily replaced, but also reused as often as you like. An intriguing system that redefines handling tiles and as a result permits an individual style that can be frequently changed.

SW Series of Accessories by Blue Sanitary Design Team Germany

The combination of geometrical contours and slightly stretched gripping surfaces creates a sculptural aesthetic and ensures a pleasant haptic.


The excellent design is convincing down to the last detail and documents its high quality standards. A timelessly elegant modular series, which fits in with many modern furnishing styles and subtly contributes to a refined overall impression in the bathroom.

GROHE Blue Pure by Grohe

Using the unique GROHE Blue filter technology it turns ordinary tap water into fresh water, removing all of the substances that can impair its taste. Finished in GROHE StarLight chrome, the taps have separate internal waterways – one for filtered water and the other for unfiltered water.


The fittings offer filtered and unfiltered water from two pipes integrated in the taps, but separated from each other. As a result, the filtered water is only used for drinking or cooking and not, for example, for rinsing or cleaning, which greatly extends the service life of the filter. At the same time, the easy access to filtered water promotes good health. An interesting solution that is also aesthetically impressive thanks to the timelessly elegant and intuitive design. A beautiful detail is the striking grip surface on the knob for the drinking water, which practically rules out confusing it with that for normal tap water.

The Wall by Orea AG

The rear panel system is both modular and flexible. Its light construction integrates tracks into a wall. The 6 mm thin shelves have integrated LEDs, ensuring that they catch the eye. The accessories for this multifunctional rear panel system are freely positionable on the tracks.


The elegantly implemented system, consisting of one or more mounting rails integrated in the wall and easy to hang panels, is extremely flexible, looks wonderfully clean and at the same time supports a furnishing style oriented towards minimalism. The LED light cleanly integrated in the panel is an attractive detail, which evokes a special mood.

Gordon light by TooY

A new formal and material interpretation of the conical diffuser is the main feature of this wall lamp providing direct light. The essential and refined aspect with a strong character that is conferred by the shape of the brass casting, this practical and versatile lamp with adjustable arm and reflector can be used in different environments


The arm construction of the Gordon wall luminaire, which can be adjusted in every direction, permits flexible orientation of the light. The filigree rods in combination with the striking conical brass reflector form an aesthetic unit that is timelessly elegant with a refined appearance. The Gordon can be harmoniously integrated in many modern interiors thanks to its discreet minimalist appearance.

The Earth Collection of paper yarn carpets

Based on the continuous and natural evolution of Woodnotes paper-yarn products, the new collection is an elegant combination of pure natural materials, sophisticated earthy colours and the classic and timeless Woodnotes designs.


The Earth Collection carpets are a striking reflection of the brand’s aspiration to achieve sustainability and simplicity at the highest aesthetic and qualitative level. The combination of natural materials, especially earthy colours and simple patterns, results in an overall aesthetic that is as timeless as it is unmistakable.

Noah sofa by Noah Living

With its innovative plug-in system the Noah Sofa can be extended and rearranged in creative ways without the use of tools. Thanks to its modular buildup, all parts of the sofa can be replaced, bought again and recycled.


Thanks to the comprehensive modularity, combined with the straightforward push-fit system, the sofa adjusts flexibly to every living situation, expectation and need of the user. The timeless design with its clear, minimalist stylistic language ensures that it remains smart in every configuration.

Nyiny Chair by Studio Vono

The production of the Nyiny Chairs collection is based on the potential of hydraulic pressing technology. The main element of the chair is the backrest, which is connected to the rear legs. The back part is made in 30 seconds using one piece of steel pipe and a mould.


The Nyiny is an outstanding masterpiece. Thanks to an experimental pressing and bending process in which a section of steel tube becomes the backrest, the chair obtains a strikingly unmistakeable look that makes it stand out from the crowd. A design that is not only of interest to industry, but which also makes a convincing impression in terms of production and the resulting stylistic language, down to the very last detail. As a result, the chair is flexible in every way and suitable for everyday use.

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