Illan lamp wins Best of the Best

Published: 16 Apr 2021

Luceplan wins the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award with the Illan lamp by Zsuzsanna Horvath

One year after receiving the Design Plus powered by Light + Building 2020, Illan also wins the coveted Red Dot Design Award 2021, as “Best of the Best” in the lighting category for the Illan lamp.

First presented at Euroluce 2019 by Luceplan (which had discovered the talent of the designer and the
innovative impact of her project at the Salone Satellite one year earlier), from the outset Illan has been able to combine important factors like technological innovation, research on materials and sustainability: fundamental tenets of commitment for Luceplan.

The Illan suspension lamp is an expression of all-around experimentation, interpreted in technological and material terms, with exceptional aesthetic flair.

Not by chance, a few months after its launch it received the Design Plus powered by Light+Building 2020.

The Red Dot organization explained its reasoning as follows:

“Never before in the 60 years of history of our competition have so many companies and design studios approached the professional assessment of our international jury. Products were submitted from about 60 countries, and the quality of their design and degree of their innovation were evaluated in a lengthy process. We are thus particularly pleased to inform you that your project has convinced our jurors and has unanimously been assigned the Red Dot: Best of the Best prize for 2021.”

The Illan lamp has an ethereal, vibrant look, subject to the movements of the air, which constantly alter its shape and influence its luminous effects. It is composed of a very light body of layered wood, extremely thin and flexible, cut by laser in dense, equidistant lines and suspended from the ceiling.
The lamp, available in two sizes, up to one meter in diameter, takes on volume thanks to the pull of gravity and assumes its characteristic form that seems to float in the air. The suspension and power system of the lamp is unobtrusive, permitting the lightness of the unit. The LED source produces warm light from its position inside the volume, in the upper part, and creates very comfortable, relaxing diffused light in the surrounding space.

The distinguishing trait of the lamp is its principle of sustainability. The structure is in wood certified by
FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), taken from correctly managed forests for a responsible approach to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

Besides the use of sustainable materials, the entire process of development and life of the product is guided by an ecologically responsible attitude. The number of parts has been reduced to a minimum and the production processes utilized have low environmental impact. The packaging, of very limited size and light in weight, permits savings on materials and shipping costs. The wooden structure is a sheet with a thickness from 1 to 2.5 mm, depending on the size of the lamp, cut in concentric circles and delivered flat.

The unit takes on its shape and volume only at the moment of installation.

The various parts of the product are easy to separate for correct disposal of the materials.
Finally, the use of high-efficiency LEDs and dimming systems guarantees remarkable energy savings.
The innovative impact of the design is thus the result not only of the central idea around which it develops its image, but also of this focus on the concept of sustainability, which convinced the Red Dot jury to select Illan as Best of the Best 2021 in the lighting category.

Luceplan is represented in Malta by GLOW lighting