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Published: 18 Sep 2017
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In 2015 Buster + Punch created the Buster Bulb, the world’s first fully dimmable LED light bulb in a beautiful teardrop shape and today the company is not only known for its cool industrial style lights – of which the just launched Stoned is the newest – but also stylish hardware including covetable kitchen handles and door levers.
The man behind Buster + Punch is Massimo Buster Minale. By day he had his own architecture and industrial design practice; by night, however, he worked in his east London garage building custom-made motorcycles, a passion, but also lighting, his bike customers asking him to apply his design skills to create something that was exciting and different. The Buster Bulb was an immediate hit and today the company draws inspiration from the area’s music and fashion industries as well as street artists and bike builders, to inject attitude into its highly crafted products.
Stoned is an LED table light, inspired by the warmth of a Victorian-era candle light, that’s finished with matt black detailing and hovers suspended from a single piece of solid stone, either polished white marble or honed black granite. Using just 1/50th of the energy of a conventional light bulb, it will last for more than 27 years. ‘This table light is my statement of intent of where Buster + Punch light will head in the future – a combination of resilient materials, fashion styling and trail-blazing technology whilst embracing the warmth of simpler times,’ says Massimo. Buster + Punch is now available from camilleriparismode #HOMEWORKS