Wallpaper for doors

Published: 02 Feb 2021

As a decorative feature, interior doors have, in the main, been overlooked. Seen as purely functional, attention has been paid to handles and locks and except for panelling, the door has been left plain.

Italian brand Instabilelab, however, aims to change this with a new range of wallpaper, called doorpaper, that in their words, aims to ‘transform the door from a functional item into a real decorative and appealing element for any environment.’

The collection is made up of 11 different papers, ranging in style from trompe l’oeil to classical images and more abstract ones, and, set within a plain wall, resemble a large-scale work of art. The paper is applied like traditional wallpaper and once on, can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Instabilelab is known for its radical approach to wallcoverings, its wide range of patterns and motifs that are able to be turned into large-scale murals for both interiors and exteriors. Other interesting ranges include the company’s Glow paper in which phosphorescent paint is applied by hand on light fittings within an image, enabling the ‘lights’ to glow as darkness falls.

Instabilelab is stocked by Dino Fino