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Papadatos now in Malta

Published: 02 Sep 2020
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Joinwell officially launches the Papadatos brand

Papadatos S.A. is a design and manufacturing group of companies, founded in 1990 by Georgios and Nasos Papadatos. The Group started as a sofa manufacturer but quickly (and successfully) expanded its operation to other areas of design. The international brand now ships to 40 countries.

The brand’s core competence lies in its ability to combine modern design with timeless, elegant design, having comfort at the core of the Papadatos experience. The brand collection includes a wide range of furniture products: from beds to armchairs and sofas with minimal, modern sideboards, all designed to perfectly complement one another.

> Joinwell is Papadatos’ exclusive agent in Malta, fully endorsing the sofas for their premium quality, taking their place alongside Joinwell’s long-standing experience with quality brands.