Wall&decò Presents WET and OUT System 2020

Published: 16 Oct 2020

Explore Wall & Decò’s 2020 WET System / OUT System Collection with a narrated tour of its virtual Experience Museum 

Wall & Decò is known for its waterproof wallpapers that have revolutionised bathroom design, and rising up above the canopy of trees, the walls and outside spaces of the museum have been ‘decorated’ with Wall & Decò’s new collection that includes two WET systems, one in black and white, the other featuring hot tropical colours and cooler neutrals. The OUT system focuses on 3D tone on tone and textured material effects. 

LEVEL 1 | WET System – Black&White New Religion

The contrast that is unleashed along the border of black and white is indefinable, restless, tense, irreconcilable: a perfect combination, the meeting of opposites that cannot do without each other…. Ever synonymous with elegance and refinement, this complicit aversion becomes a metaphor conveying emptiness and fullness. A palette of non-colour, made of light, which itself becomes colour to express the precision, the peremptory, the inescapable, the material, evident, consistent, both in white and black.

LEVEL 2 | OUT System – Melting Walls

A reinterpretation of outdoor spaces with new aesthetic codes, which guarantee solutions with a strong visual impact but in continuous dialogue with the urban landscape in which they are inserted – the façade is enriched with material effects and 3d tone on tone, in colour fusion with the context.

LEVEL 3 |WET System – Utopia Reloaded

“In all another time – wherever I stop, there is my home – there will be things, stories, legacies left by those of before. I will also leave mine and go away”. A reinterpretation of one of the moodboards protagonists of the Contemporary Wallpaper 2020 collection with new chromatic meanings – on the one hand daytime colours, where the orange of the earth meets sage green – on the other hand more nocturnal colours and atmospheres: red becomes darker, beige turns off, green becomes a full green. Day and night are the protagonists of the same journey.

 Wall&decò collections are available from Satariano