Back to the office brightly

Published: 04 Mar 2021

With the pandemic forcing so many people working from home, a question hangs over the future of office life

However, with the Ypsilon Connect and Temps low back, both designed by Jorge Pensi, Italian brand Pedrali hopes to make any return brighter with functional, flexible and colourful pieces that allow for easy customisation of a space.

The Ypsilon Connect is a free-standing, sound-absorbing space divider featuring acoustic panels that are shaped around a structure made from two die-cast aluminium bases and extruded aluminium columns. The divider can be used to create partition walls of varying sizes to make smaller rooms within a large space or to simply zone different areas. Accessories such as whiteboards, shelves or coat hangers can also be easily added as well as a multifunctional panel wired in to allows for the installation of a TV screen.

The Temps low back chair, an updated version of the Temps chair launched in 2018, is a direct response to the trend for the home office. Featuring a lower backrest that comes in a variety of colours, it now fits more easily into both office and residential settings. With a height-adjustable base of die-cast aluminium in either black or white, the chair is very comfortable thanks to its weight-activated, synchro-tilt mechanism that changes according to the user’s body weight.

Pedrali is represented in Malta by Oxford House