Published: 14 Jun 2021
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Davide Groppi issues a limited edition of Sampei

Davide Groppi is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Sampei with a special and limited release of the popular floor lamp. The Sampei Limited Edition, designed by Enzo Calabrese is made with golden finished details and is engraved with a serial number. In all, 200 are being produced to mark the ten-year milestone.

Davide Groppi: 

“Every time I face a project, I ask myself what I can do that is new, different and useful using the things and objects we already have. It is the ready-made theme; it is the surrealist approach to the project: looking for the new objects that everyone has under their eyes, capturing and imagining unusual scenarios. I like courageous lamps, those that break into the scene and steal it, drawing attention to themselves.”

Influenced by the design of a fishing rod, flexible and telescopic, Sampei is a delicate and elegant design. A small head atop a long, thin carbon fibre stem, at the slightest shift, responds with a swaying motion reminiscent of the subtle branches of a willow tree or bamboo canes swaying in a light breeze.

Enzo Calabrese:

“A blade of grass that sways and flexes almost under the weight of the gaze, capable of capturing emotions and vibrating at the slightest movement. I never imagined that it would be so successful. Yet, today I wonder what could have generated all this; it’s not just the design, there is something more, which is not written…”

In 2011 Sampei immediately established itself as a design icon, winning several design awards. “In these ten years,” says Davide Groppi, “I have learned to look at Sampei with different eyes, each time discovering new aspects: it’s a floor chandelier, a graphic sign, a blade of grass, an ideogram.” The Sampei Limited Edition will be a sought after collectable in the years to come.