Published: 02 Feb 2021
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Over the past few years, wallpaper has gone from being fusty to contemporary and now is an effective way to add texture and pattern to a room, even in modern homes. As well as strongly patterned versions there are also plain but textured wallpapers that add warmth and interest in an understated way.
Feature walls are a popular method of using wallpaper but make sure a colour from the wallpaper is used on the other walls to make the room feel balanced.
Murals which create an eye-catching and continuous pattern are another way in which wallpaper can be used to stunning effect. 

Here are six trends for 2021…


The palm has become a popular motif within interior design and creates a striking effect on a feature wall, evoking a tropical mood as well as bringing the outside in.

1. Panthera 220134: an almost shadowy effect, the palm design silhouetted against a soft shade of green, from BN Walls. Joinwell
2. Welcome to the Jungle:
a customisable mural, from Skinwall. Form
3. Palmera:
a digitally printed paper that combines neutral shades with lush green.  Komar
4. Palm Beach: 
A bold and vibrant pattern that brings energy to a room. Nanni Giancarlo & C


The structured forms and regularity of geometric designs on wallpaper are having a moment – a response to the chaos of the outside world perhaps?

1. Khatam, Celeste: an ancient star inlay design evoking the elegance of gold leaf, from Omexco; Fabulous
2. Geometric Camu: Watercolours, textures and unexpected overlaps create a striking design. N.O.W Edizioni
3. Marqueterie consists of small blocks of colour with gold and copper highlights intertwined against a chevron background. Lelievre
4. Kanoko: geometric and textured paper that’s inspired by traditional Japanese crafts. Osborne & Little


The subtle shine of metallic wallpaper is a subtle way of warming a room.

1. MF1.03: spheres in many variations of pale gold that’s part of the Modern Foils collection. Y02
2. Botanical Teal:
with its stylized approach to the botanical look, a simple yet sophisticated design. Created with a bold teal matt backdrop, the simple leaf motif is showcased in a beautiful fading metallic. OK Home


Faux marble wallpapers give the luxurious look of this beautiful natural material in a softer and more tactile form.

1. Intergalactic, made from a natural mix that includes sisal and cotton, from Jab Anstoetz; Form
2. Marble Artwork, a digital wall to wall composition; Architects Paper


The beauty of flowers, whether blowsy and blooming or more stylised add a softening touch to a space.

1. Hana, a softly tonal and textured, with subtle embossed effects; Fino
2. Ode: take a walk in the garden with this large-scale and exuberant pattern, from Omexo. Fabulous
3. Mansur: a striking small scale all over floral wallpaper that has real depth and character, from Designers Guild. Design House


The three dimensional effect of textured wallpaper adds a subtle sense of warmth as well as visual interest.

1. Infinity, a faux suede on non-woven backing, from Omexco. Fabulous
2. Iroko: a deconstructed design that adds a contemporary twist to classic damasks in metallic tones. Fino
3. Tango walls: a plain woven wallpaper in a soft and natural hue, from Chivasso. Form 
4. Savannah: resembling bamboo, a natural light and dark-hued wallpaper for a stylish rustic ambience, from BN Walls. Joinwell
5. Velveteen: a soft velvet with an innovative three-dimensional technology that gives a wall a sense of depth, from Arte. Satariano